Warkaus Hot Heel Country Dancers ry

Tanssittu syksy 2007 - kevšt 2008
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Stealing the Best Alfie Show Me Yours Banca Cha
  To the Moon Blue Note Do You Know
    Come Dance With Me  
Kantriunelma Cut A Rug Rock Around A Clock Shake It Up!
    Picnic Polka Say Hey
D.H.S.S. Rockin' Country As A Boy Can Be Pump It
  Rita's Waltz Easier Tough CT-Girl
    Badda Boom Badda Bang  
Cajun Thang Eighteen Wheels Don't Let Go Bosa Nova
    Kill the Spider  
    Reet Petite Tequila Cha
Hearts & Flowers Easier Tough Rubitin Boogie Shoes
  Country 2 Step Leaving Of Liverpool  
    Built 4 Bluejeans  
    Rose Garden  
  Break Away Uno, Dos, Tres Zjozzys Funk!
Kiva Rivitanssi Triple Trick 2 Much Nimby
    Crazy 2 Unbelievable
    Before the Devil Waltz With Me
  Rose Garden One More Midnight Enigma
    Lightning Polka Ain't Got No Money
    Islands In the Stream Not Like That
Oranki Gorilla Tush Push Country Cirl One Track Mind
    Letters Of Love Saturn 5
Cut A Rug Ghost Train   Call On Me
  Cruisin' Friends For Ten Backstreet Attitude
    Feet Don't Fail Me Now Guardian Angel
 Rita's Waltz Sugar & Pai  Cute! Cute! Cute! Hot Stuff (Let's Dance)
 Rockin'  Here Comes The Rain  Wrapped Around  Temptation
     Let Me Off  
 Reet Petite  Enigma  Suds In The Bucket  Mambo Cha
   Billy Be Bad  California Blue  My Greek N:o 1
   Cajun Thang    Unbelievable
     Diddley-Dee  Prison Break
       Not Like That
 Alfie  Rio    Silver Moon
 Pump It  6,8,12    Black Horse
 D.H.S.S  Live Laugh, Love    Ain't Got No Money
 Do Dat Dance  Sway Me Now    Get On The Bus
   Reet Petite   Simplement
   Waltz Across exas    Nimby
 Country 2 Step  Love Bug    Say Hey
   2 Much    Give It Back
 Kantriunelma  Stitch It Up    Gigolo
   Country Girl    Head Over Heels
 Uno, Dos, Tres  Uno, Dos, Tres    Saturn 5
 Stealing The Best  Crazy Foot Mambo    Sunset Sting
   Grace Kelly    Tequila Cha
 Kiva Rivitanssi  Thanks A Lot    
   To The Moon    Show Me Yours
   Rock Around The Clock    Better
 Hearts And Flowers  Love You 2 Much    Stand By Me Cha
   Come Dance With Me    Everybody Dance
   Country As A Boy Can Be    Fire Cracker
   A West Coast Thang    Mercy
 Chirpy Charleston  Chirpy Charleston    City Limits
   Rubitin    Charanga
 Big Girls Boogie  Big Girls Boogie    Totally Nightclub